Setting Healthy Boundaries for YOUrself!

When the decisions that others make for their lives results in repetitive consequences which increase in magnitude and start to negatively impact your life its means that some element of contamination has intruded peaceful space and disrupted the positive rhythm of YOUr life…its time for A Healthy Boundary Check-up! With compassion for others we find ourselves being supportive when people in our lives face challenges.  As we stand by their side we begin to learn more about the decision making process and how they’ve come to face the challenge.  We also listen as they organically come to grips and verbalize lessons learned.   Without judgement we are honest in our words of affirmation and encouragement for finding solutions and moving beyond.  In time they move beyond and return to the flow of life. We all face challenges and set backs from time to time and need someone to lean on…there is nothing wrong with that.  When that set back or challenge becomes repetitive and begins to negatively impact the lives of those in a supportive role…thats not OK!  However, its up to the each of us to set and manage healthy boundaries which protect our peace and positive rhythm of life. Before we can set them we must believe that we are worthy of the self respect and support boundaries bring.  Meaning having a healthy perspective of ourselves and how we deserve to be treated.  So if your Healthy Boundary Check-up reveals treatment that you don’t deserve its time to set or reassess YOUr boundaries. 

Here are a few key areas for YOUr Healthy Boundary Check-up:


Check in with YOUr internal guidance system!

Pay attention to how things make you feel, this is the indicator that lets you know when things are right or in violation of YOUr boundaries.  Being in tune with how you feel gives you a sense of what frequency you are tuned into and what you are attracting.  If it doesn’t feel right…its probably NOT!  Trust the way you feel.  Being in tune and following a positive feeling or frequency often affirms that you want more positive in your life. 

Check on the relationship with YOU!

Healthy relationships contain healthy boundaries starting with the relationship you have with YOUrself.  In this relationship self-care and self-love are a priority.  In that you have a deliberate practice of caring for YOUr well being and happiness.  As a priority you are able to give YOUrself all you need in order to have the strength to support and assist others.  When this is not a priority we often feel drained, low and burdened when people come to us in need. 

Check YOUr Follow through!

Relationships with healthy boundaries require effective communication with others when our boundaries have been crossed.  From a place of integrity and with respect it is important to assertively address the things that effect us in a way that is not in line with our well being and happiness.  Effectively addressing that which bothers us or makes us feel violated or uncomfortable, often results in an better opportunity to follow through with the healthy boundaries we create. Setting Boundaries is an exercise of personal freedom which helps you define what is right for YOU.   Protect YOUr Peace !