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Claire Green

About Your Life Coach!

Claire A. Green is the Certified Master Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Sexual Abuse Survivor Coach, Intuitive Consultant and Life Purpose Coach of Moments With Clarity.  Claire trained and earned her Master Life Coach certification in 2016 through Behavioral Health and Leadership Dynamics, LLC, a Board Certified Coaching Center for Credentialing and Education, approved coach training provider.   In addition, Claire holds a certification as a Life Purpose Coach which she earned through Transformation Academy in 2017.  As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse her personal exposure to sexual trauma gives Claire to the capacity to empathize and coach victims suffering from the emotional distress and instrusive thoughts of abuse.    Claire is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Counseling at Capella Unitverisity.  Claire aspires to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and work with victims of sexual trauma, particularly those that experienced sexual abuse in childhood.

Claire is an undergrad alumnus of Washington Adventist University where she studied and acquired her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1998.  She is also a graduate alumnus of George Washington University, obtaining her Master of Science in Acquisition Management in 2000.   Combined with 16 years experienced as a entrepreuner, Claire employs her knowledge and expertise to mentor and coach clients focused on achieveing professional goals.

Claire’s passion, beginning in her formative years as child to the present day, is to help others to know and achieve the greatness that rest in them.  After many years of serving as a mentor, Claire found her life purpose in Coaching and started Moments With Clarity in November 2016.   She realized that sometimes people get “stuck” in repetitive cycles and often need the support of a Life Coach/Mentor , that they can connect with, to move beyond what blocks them from within.  Claire enjoys helping others focus on maximizing their strengths, reach their potential and achieve results.

Today, Claire is an Author of Inspirational Prose, a Business Consultant to Leaders in the Corporate and Nonprofit community, a Mentor to young men and women, and an esteemed and sought after Leader in her community.

 “When you have Clarity you gain Peace! When you are at Peace you can find your Purpose! When you know your Purpose you tap into the Power of your own Greatness!”
-Claire A. Green

A Clear Path From Victim to Survivor !!!

How to Stop Carrying the Burden of Sexual Abuse and Trust YOUrself!

Victims often struggle to make sense of the emotional pain that remains after Sexual Abuse. As a Survivor of Sexual Abuse I can relate the mindset and setbacks that victims often face. I know how hard it is to trust YOUrself much less others. So I have designed a model for healing victims based on my personal journey to becoming a Survivor! Each step of this model is intentionally dedicated to and designed for healing and finding YOUr own inner strength in order to rebuild the capacity to trust in YOUrself!

Results you can expect to achieve:

Reduce Victim Consciousness

Remove Confusion and Self Doubt

Free YOUrself from Mental and Emotional distractions of Sexual Abuse

Develop Healthy coping mechanisms as a Survivor

Develop a nurturing sense of Self Belief which facilitates Self Love and restores Self Trust!!

Spiritual Life Coaching

Working together to move beyond roadblocks and fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be! Sessions are one on one provided via Phone or Zoom and include a Follow-Up Empowerment Plan to keep you optimistic and focused on achieving your personal and professional goals. Clients will be able to see things with greater clarity, have a clearly defined path, and the skill set to move forward independently.


Intuitive Consulting

Connecting with you to get to the “it” of what is holding you back or holding you captive in a repetitive cycle or pattern which impedes progress in YOUr life!

Event Speaking

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To speak and share insight, tailored specifically for Groups and organizations that want to empower participants towards a common goal or theme.

Group Coaching

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Brings the coaching conversation into a small group context for individuals that share a common goal and task and are looking for deepening awareness around key issues, taking action and more effectively to achieve the outcome.

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